Claremont Energy Advisory Committee

The Claremont Energy Advisory Committee (the Energy Committee) is established to identify opportunities and make recommendations to the City Council for creating and implementing comprehensive and regenerative energy policies; to facilitate educational opportunities, including those related to skill-building for energy and conservation measures, as well as such other initiatives and assignments as may be determined by the City Council from time to time.

Term: 2 Years

Meeting Schedule: 3rd Monday of each month at 6:00 PM at 14 North Street (Visitor Center)

Appointments made by: City Council

Composition of the Committee: The Energy Advisory Committee shall consist of 5 regular members and 2 alternate  citizen members, who shall be residents of the City and who are recommended to include at least:

  • One person with experience in energy issues and efficiencies in eith er the public or private sector;
  • one person with experience in education or training;
  • one person with engineering background or experience;
  • and one City Council representative.

3 15 21 Meeting Packet

7 1 21 Meeting Packet

8/16/2021 Meeting Packet

CIP Tables


Board Members
Term Expires
Seat 1
Rebecca MacKenzie
Seat 2
David Lucier
Derek Ferland
Vice Chair
Charlene Lovett

After serving for 22 years in Military Intelligence, Mayor Charlene Lovett retired as an Army Chief Warrant Officer in 2003.  Upon retiring, she worked for six years in the Washington D.C. area for a company that provided intelligence training to military and federal employees.  In 2008, she returned to her hometown of Claremont NH and became actively involved in the community.   She has served as a member of the school board, chair of both Valley Regional Hospital Board of Trustees and the River Valley Community College Advisory Committee, a legislator in the NH House of Representatives, a city councilor and currently the mayor since 2016.  She also currently serves on the Sullivan County Public Health Advisory Council, the  State Health Assessment/State Health Improvement Plan Advisory Council and the State Workforce Innovation Board.

Seat 5
Jessica Ball
Seat A-1
Seat A-2
Marilyn Harris
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