Claremont Community Television Board of Directors

Claremont Community Television Incorporated ("CCTV") is an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit entity. CCTV provides video production equipment for creating programs to broadcast to the community, and training in the use of this equipment. CCTV also operates the community access broadcast channels 10 and 8 on Comcast cable television service for Claremont and a web site hosting recordings of programs broadcast on the channels. The Federal Communications Commission classifies CCTV as a "PEG" cable channel with the mission to aid in the dissemination of local information regarding general public interests along with those of education and government matters while upholding the 1st amendment of the United States Constitution. The CCTV office, training area/public studio, program library, equipment for use by the public and broadcast system ("Headend") are located at the Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center. To broadcast live remotely in the city, there are connections at Claremont City Hall, Stevens High School and the Technical School. At Barnes Park in Claremont, a platform is available for the recording of events.

Term: 1-3 years, depending on the seat

Meeting Schedule: Meets six times annually at the Sugar River Regional Technical Center

Appointments made by: Seats 1-4, by City Council; Seats 5 & 6 by the School Board; Seats 7-9 by seated members in Seats 1-6

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CCTV Policies & Procedures (2022)

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Board Members
Term Expires
Seat 2
Dana McGrath
City Council Representative
Dale Girard

Dale Girard is a lifelong resident of the City of Claremont.  He is a 1985 Graduate of Stevens High School.  Dale purchased the family business in 1999 which he continues to own and operate utilizing current business practices. In 2002 he completed his Paramedic Certificate Program from the New England EMS Institute.  In 2007 he completed an Associates in Business Degree. 


He met Allyn in 2005 and they were married in 2007.  Dale has a daughter Erica and son Dale Jr. both of whom graduated from Stevens High School.  Erica and her husband Jason live in Enfield with daughters Alice and Nora.  Dale Jr and his wife Kimberly live in Claremont with their sons, Ryan and Theodore.

Dale was past President of the former Rotary Club of Claremont.  Dale has served on the Airport Advisory Board and Planning Board. 


When Dale is not working, he enjoys spending time enjoying the outdoors in Pittsburg, NH.   Dale enjoys traveling.  He is especially happy when he gets to pilot his Piper Arrow. 

Seat 3
Kevin Tyson
Seat 4
Lindsay Maass
Seat 5
Joella Merchant
Seat 6
Eric Zengota
Seat 7
Sean McCarthy
Alex Herzog
Seat 9
Justin Martin
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