Historic District Commission

The purpose of the Historic District Commission is to review exterior development proposals within the Historic District (a zoning district within the downtown area). This review of development includes new and/or changes to existing structures, signs, and landscaping

Term: 3 Years

Meeting Schedule: 4th Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM at City Hall

Appointments made by: City Council

2021 HDC Meeting Schedule


3/25/2021 Meeting Packet

City Center Design Guidelines

Making Defensible Decisions


5/27/2021 Meeting Packet

Monadnock MIlls Plans

Architectural Surveys


7/1/2021 Meeting Packet

10/28/2021 Meeting Packet


7/22/2021 Meeting Packet

Historic District Map


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Board Members
Term Expires
Seat 1
Erin Cohen
City Council Representative
James Contois

Jim retired from the Department of Defense in 1994. A transplant from Albany, NY, Jim came to Claremont in 2004. During his “retirement” and since moving to Claremont he has held a position with Homeless Services (SCS), he has been a paraprofessional at 2 Claremont elementary schools, a contract worker with Juvenile Probation and is currently the Interim Director of the Claremont Senior Center.

Jim continues to learn about the proud history of Claremont as the treasurer of the Claremont Historical Society. Jim is always looking for ways to help guide Claremont to it’s full potential as a city and home to many fine citizens and their families.

Jim is a first term Claremont City Councilor whose interests are environmental justice, social justice, and racial justice. In his private time, he is a proud and active grandfather.

Jim is a graduate of Hudson Valley Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Individual Studies, 1998 and the State University @ Albany, NY, B.A., summa cum laude, Degree in Political Science, 2004.

Seat 3
Jonathan Nelson
David Messier
Planning Board Representative
Richard Wahrlich
Seat A-1
Seat A-2
Bill Kennedy
Seat A-3
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