Claremont Arts,History & Culture Resources Preservation Commission

Function: The Commission is established by the Claremont City Council pursuant to NH RSA’s 47:17 XV and 674:2, III(h). The geographic focus of the Arts, History and Culture Commission’s activities shall be Claremont, but when appropriate, the Arts, History, and Culture Commission may work to promote historic assets, arts, and culture in the Greater Claremont Area, consistent with intent of this section. The purpose of the Arts, History, and Culture Commission (or “the commission”) is to implement the Arts, History, and Culture Resources Master Plan by:

(1) Highlighting our heritage to inspire a sense of place and pride in the City of Claremont.

(2) Identifying, strengthening, promoting, and marketing Claremont’s historic and cultural assets, infrastructure, and artistic treasures;

(3) Facilitating community involvement in the Arts;

(4) Recognizing the economic power of the arts, history, and culture in Claremont;

(5) Invigorating Claremont with the emphasis on the City’s unique blend of old-fashioned charm and progressive vision; and

(6) Acting on the City’s behalf on matter of arts, history, and culture.


Term: 3 Years                     Appointment: By City Council

7 Members: 

(2) Seats for Arts Organization Members

(2) Cultural or Historical Organization Members

(3) Members Interested in Arts, History, or Cultural Assets

Election of Officers: January of Each Year

Meetings: The Commission meets as needed but shall meet a minimum of twice each calendar year. Annual meeting in February, or at such other time as determined by the Commissions, to review the prior year’s activities and plan for the upcoming year.  


Ordinance 615 Claremont Arts, History and Culture Resources Preservation Commission

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