Claremont Development Authority

The Claremont Development Authority (CDA) is comprised of volunteer community business leaders dedicated to supporting Claremont's economic development. They act to acquire, develop, expand, lease or sell commercial property to expand job opportunities and the city tax base.

Term: 3 Years

Meeting Schedule: 7:30 AM, fourth Thursday of every month at 14 North Street (Visitor Center)

Appointments made by: City Council

CDA 2021 Meeting Schedule

CDA Loan Application

CDA Facade Loan Application


3/25/2021 Meeting Packet

4/22/2021 Meeting Packet

5/27/2021 Meeting Packet

5/27/2021 Revised Agenda

6/16/2021 Finance Committee Packet

6/24/2021 Meeting Packet

7/1/2021 Meeting Packet

7/22/2021 Meeting Packet

8/26/2021 Meeting Packet

8/26/2021 Financial Reports

9/23/2021 Meeting Packet

Board Members
Term Expires
Chair, Key Properties
Keith Raymond
Seat 2
Robert Porter
Vice-Chair, Finance
Andre Lafreniere
Seat 4
Martha Maki
Seat 5
Thomas Rock
Chair, Finance
Candace Crawford
Seat 8
Derek Ferland
Seat 9
Michael Satzow
City Manager, Ex-officio
Ed Morris
Ed Morris has served as the City manager for the City of Claremont since September 23, 2019. Upon his appointment, Ed had over 23 years of government service.
Ed’s career in public service started in 1996 when joined the Chubbuck, Idaho Volunteer Fire Department. In September of 1999, he was hired as a professional firefighter for the City of Twin Falls, Idaho. In 2006, Ed was elected into union leadership and spent the next 9 years serving on the local executive team as lead negotiator, with five of those years serving as union president. During this time, Ed worked hand-in-hand with the City Manager, on many department, city and statewide issues, which ultimately inspired him to return to school and focus on a career in municipal management.
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