Each of our local departments invites you to review their web pages and contact them if you have further questions or you don't find what you are seeking.

Ed Morris

City Manager

(603) 542-7026

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Doree Russell

Executive Assistant to the City Manager and Clerk to the Council.

(603) 542-7026 x0291

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Mark Brislin

Director of Parks & Recreation

(603) 542-7019 X0281

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Suzanne Carr

Public Welfare Director

(603) 542-7007

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Bryan Burr

Fire Chief

(603) 542-7012

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Mary Walter

Director, Finance

(603) 542-7026

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Pam Dyer

Accounts Payable

(603) 542-7026 x 039

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Gwen Melcher

City Clerk and Tax Collector

(603) 542-7003

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Mark Chase

Police Chief

(603) 542-9538

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Lisa Richmond


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Michael Grace

Director, Fiske Free Library

(603) 542-7017

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Steve Hamilton

Interim Assessor

(603) 542-7004

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Samantha Lauzon

Human Resources Manager

(603) 542-7026

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Nancy Merrill

Director, Planning and Development

(603) 542-7008

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Steve Coombs

Chief Building Official

(603) 504-0346

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Alex Gleeson

Director, Public Works

(603) 542-7020

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Nichole  Myers

Office Manager, Administrator for Highway, Sanitation and Cemetery

(603) 504-0351

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Paul Cioffi

Water and Sewer Bookkeeper

(603) 504-0397

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