Department of Public Works

The Claremont Department of Public Works is the custodian of the City's physical infrastructures and facilities. Such infrastructure has been developed or acquired throughout the years to provide transportation systems, water and wastewater systems, solid waste disposal, and cemeteries. As such, these systems facilitate the achievement of common, social, and economic objectives for the citizens of Claremont. The mission of the Public Works Department is to fully maintain all aspects of the City’s infrastructure, physical plant and equipment. We are committed to this mission and quality workmanship, while exercising overall fiscal responsibility.



Public Works Hours

Address: 8 Grandview Street, Claremont, New Hampshire 03743-2677
Phone: 603-542-7020
Fax: 603-542-7022
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 am-3:00pm


After hours: 603-542-7020 voice messaging system

After hours URGENT: 603-542-9538 Police Dispatch, On-Call Foreman