Facilites and Reservoirs

Water & Sanitary Sewer Treatment Facilities, Storage Tanks, Reservoirs, Dams & Pump Stations

Mikros Sewer Pump

Ashley Landing, Claremont
similar to Westside Sewer Pump Westside Avenue

Mill Road Sewer Pump Station

Mill Road, Claremont
Constructed in 2009
Services the Mill Buildings and Water Street locations 

Elm Street Sewer Pump Station

289 Elm Street, Claremont 

Claremont Wastewater Treatment Facility

338 Plains Road, Claremont
Built in 1986
Current daily average treatment:
1,300,000 gallons per day
Managed by: Utility Partners, LLC

Rice Reservoir

Rice Reservoir Dam
Intersection of Route 120 and Winter Street
Reserve storage reservoir
40 million gallons 

Whitewater Reservoir

Whitewater Dam
Located one mile past Rice Reservoir
Borders the Town of Cornish
70% of City’s water supply
150 million gallons 

Dole Reservoir

Dole Reservoir Dam
Green Mountain Road, behind the Water Treatment Plant on
Winter Street
Holding reservoir prior to treatment facilities
All reservoirs converge into the Dole Reservoir
50 million gallons 

Sugar River Intake Station

37 Washington Street, Claremont
30% of City’s water supply

Bible Hill Water Storage Tank

Treeline Drive, Claremont
Constructed in 1980 of welded steel
Capacity: 500,000 gallons
Height: 40.0’
Diameter: 46.6’

Maple Heights Water Tank

also known as the Moody Tank
5 Acer Heights Road, Claremont
Constructed in 1980 of welded steel
Capacity: 3,000,000 gallons
Height: 40’
Diameter: 113’

Bible Hill Pump Station

Water Pump Station
79 Charlestown Road, Claremont
Constructed in 2007; replaced booster station at bottom of
Bible Hill Road. 

Washington Street Sewer Pump Station

 278 Washington Street, Claremont

Gully Brook Sewer Pump Station

 161 River Road, Claremont

Sullivan Street Sewer Pump Station

247 Sullivan Street, Claremont
at old Homestead Building 

Cone Valve Sewer Pump Station

72 Sugar River Drive
Serves the Sullivan County Complex

Claremont Water Treatment Plant

196 Winter Street
Claremont, NH


  • Built in 1981
  • Capacity of providing 4.0 million gallons of water per day serving 4,000 consumer connections through 75 miles of
  • 2”-20” distribution mains.
  • Current daily average: 1,100,000 gallons per day

Managed by: Utility Partners, LLC

Clear Well Claremont Water Treatment Plant

Construction Completed in 2009
Capacity: 600,000 gallons
Height: 16’
Diameter: 80’

Department of Public Works

8 Grandview Street, Claremont

Water, Sanitary & Stormwater Sewer management, field employees, and administrative support; vehicles and equipment, inventories, and meter shop; shared with the Streets & Roads, Cemetery, and Sanitation departments