Claremont Development Authority

The Claremont Development Authority (CDA) By-Laws were approved by the City Council in 2003. The declaration of need, purpose and mission recognized “that there is a need for economic development within the Claremont community in order to alleviate and prevent underemployment and unemployment, and, more importantly, to promote the continued growth and prosperity of the community and its businesses, to promote the general welfare of the City and its citizens. It is the purpose and mission of the CDA to foster and support the community’s economic development, acting in concert with the City of Claremont’s economic development office, by acquiring, marketing, developing, expanding, retaining, preserving, financing, leasing and/or disposing of facilities and properties; and by conducting programs and activities which will lead to the attaining of the CDA’s declared purposes.”

The CDA Board of Directors is comprised of nine volunteer community business leaders appointed by the City Council who are dedicated to supporting Claremont’s economic development. They act directly or with other governmental units to acquire, develop, expand, lease or sell commercial property to expand job opportunities and the city tax base, and also provide technical and financial assistance to new and existing Claremont businesses.
The CDA currently has property for sale in Syd Clarke Park and Ashley’s Landing. For further information, please contact

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Syd Clarke Park

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