The City of Claremont NH is self inspecting and has two full time health officers to meet all the needs of the businesses and citizens of the City. We offer a vast array of services and are a wealth of knowledge for anyone requiring information, inspections & investigations. Please call or email whenever the need arises and we will be happy to help.

2017 Food Code


Food Poisoning Complaints and Investigations
(For Emergencies Dial 911)
Environmental Health Complaints and Investigations
Public Health Nuisance Complaints and Investigations


We can help you with many different types of complaints related to your housing or any public health concerns. For assistance simply fill out a complaint form and submit it to the City. We will process the complaint as soon as possible and in many cases an Inspector will follow up and request access for an inspection the same or next business day. Please contact 603-504-0348,, or visit the Planning & Development Department at 14 North Street, Claremont.

There are multiple tools used for enforcement of these types of complaints and violations; from State Law, to Local Ordinances or even the International Property Maintenance Code. If you have any question about a possible code violation contact your Health Officer/Building Inspector.

Healthy Homes


Education and cooperation are very important parts of successfully eliminating a bed bug infestation. The Bed Bug Law, NH RSA 48-A:14 I,Ia and NH RSA 540-A:3 are the State Statues that govern the enforcement of a bed bug infestation. The law simply requires a landlord to respond to a bed bug complaint within 7 days, and to provide treatment "that substantially reduces the presence of bed bugs in a dwelling unit for a period of at least 60 days". If there is no cooperation between the tenant and landlord on a comprehensive program to remediate an infestation the problem will continue, even with Health Officer enforcement, and possibly spread to other dwelling units or buildings. Please visit for a wealth of information for landlords and tenants or contact us.



84.1% of homes in Claremont were constructed pre-1978. This is significant because any home that was constructed pre-1978 has a high chance of having lead paint. A high precentage of older housing mixed with inadequate blood lead level testing rates for children ages 0-6 in the community makes Claremont one of the 8 high risk communities in the State as identified by New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention Program.

What do we do as a community? We collaborate, and educate. The City has participated in several meetings with the Mayor, the Superintendent of Schools, the State of New Hampshire and local Health Care Providers to brainstorm and begin to actively work on this important issue.

We are important sources of information for Lead Poisoning Prevention in this community. While the State is the enforcement authority for this issue, it is important to work with your local officials to gather information to possibly prevent future poisonings. The damage done by lead poisoning cannot be reversed.

Lead Paint and Lead Poisoning Prevention Resources:

EPA Lead Website
New Hampshire DHHS Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
US Environmental Protection Agency: Lead
US EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Program
NH Housing Finance Authority Lead Hazard Control
EPA Lead Website
Renovation, Repair and Painting Program: Consumers
Locate Certified Renovation and Lead Dust Sampling Technician Firms

Informational Videos for Home Renovators:

Lead Poisoning Prevention for Home Renovators
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