Success is Job One in Claremont

We could tell you how wonderful Claremont is for business, but we figured we'd let a few of our current businesses tell you themselves.

Mt. Van Hoevenberg Hike

This is a moderate trip, taking about 3 hours from beginning of hike to the end.  Rise of elevation is 1100 feet. 

Drive to Lake Placid. At the horse show grounds, drive 1.6 miles on Rt. 86 to Adirondack Loj Rd. and turn right. Continue almost 5 miles to Meadows Lane and turn left. Drive about 1/3 mile and park on the left. The trailhead is on the left. Sign in at the registry. Hike about ½ miles till you come to a swampy pond. Follow the trail to the left, through some wet areas. After the wet area, you will start to head up the mountain.  At the top is a ledge on your right. Step out on it and enjoy the view. Continue on the trail and you come to another ledge soon after. Eat your lunch at one of the ledges. You can either hike back down the way you came up or continue on down the other side of the mountain. If you do that, you should have used two cars for your trip and left one car at the Olympic Bobsled Run off of Rt. 86. Leave one car at the Bobsled Run and then drive to Meadows Lane to begin your hike. Continuing on the trail, you reach the Olympic Bobsled Run. Follow either the road to see wheeled bobsleds going down the concrete run or follow the path next to the newer winter bobsled runs. Walk past the tourist center and you will arrive at the parking lot where you left your car.


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