Economic Development

The primary focus of economic development is to promote vitality in the community. This is comprised of a vibrant city center, diverse housing opportunities, the substantive re-use of historic buildings, and the expansion of industry, technology and retail to create a strong tax base, stable working economy and good quality jobs for the people of Claremont.


We are available to send information packets or to host a tour of the city and available sites with prospective businesses. We work with local commercial brokers and property owners to ensure that privately listed properties are exposed to those interested in entering the Claremont market. Our office is often the first point of contact for information about the city and commercial property, and we will assist developers or buyers in familiarizing themselves with the community, workforce and existing businesses.

The City of Claremont and Planning & Development Department value the commitment of our existing businesses and the important role that they play in the prosperity of the community. Business visitation and assistance for existing businesses who have questions or issues where we can provide answers, partners or support are an important function of our department.


The Planning & Development Department is also the point of contact for City of Claremont and Claremont Development Authority (CDA) properties, and can send detailed information regarding those properties. Please contact us for further information.

The Claremont Development Authority (CDA) is comprised of volunteer community business leaders dedicated to fostering and encouraging the community’s economic development and wealth. They have historically acquired, developed, leased or sold property in the city to achieve this purpose. The CDA markets, leases and sells its own property. Buyer brokers should contact the Planning and Development office for information on the commission structure for CDA properties.

Financial programs are sometimes available for business development in partnership with banks, grants, the CDA, NH Business Finance Authority, and our county finance partner, CRDC. Some businesses expanding or creating new jobs may also be eligible for state grants in the city economic revitalization zones.

To achieve a strong economy requires an outreach to private housing and business development opportunities, funding options, as well as regular contact with the existing business community in Claremont to assist long term success and growth. This is a critical part of the economic development component of the Planning and Development Department.