Discover Claremont's Opportunity Zone

Census Tract 33019975800 is ready for your development! Shovel-ready sites in Syd Clark Park or Ashley's Landing are awaiting your investment

Ashley's Landing

Ashley's Landing is a premier six lot commercial subdivision along the Connecticut River in Claremont.  Several smaller lots plus a large lot and barn with rail service are available.  Ashley's Landing is owned by the Claremont Development Authority and is sited on Route 12A just minutes to I-91.  Utilitieis include water, sewer, telephone, fiber optics, and 3-phase power.

Syd Clarke Park

Syd Clarke Industrial Park Offers business a quality location in which to grow and prosper with easy access to shipping by truck, rail or air.  Sites vary from 2 to 20 acres, the 13 lot Syd Clark Industrial Park has a size and location to suit your company's needs.  Several lots are highly visible on River Road and Grisson Lane, while others offer quiet workspace and views.

  • 13 lot subdivision
  • Industrial 3 zone
  • New road & utilities
  • Located on the corner of NH Route 12-A and Grissom Lane
  • Economic Revitalization Zone
  • Opportunity Zone

Airport Office

Manager: Fire Chief Bryan Burr

Phone: (603) 542-5156

             (603) 504-0328

FBO: David Carton & Roger Hamel

Address: 448 Sullivan Street, Claremont

Phone: 603-542-7032
Attendant: Irregular.

Open 24 hours - 365 days with pilot lounge and fuel (credit cards accepted for fuel).

Fuel: 100LL

Lodging: 2 miles

Dining: 2 miles