We have Commercial Industrial Lots for Sale in Ashley's Landing and Syd Clarke Industrial Park.

Ashley's Landing

Ashley's Landing is a premier six lot commercial subdivision along the Connecticut River in Claremont.  Several smaller lots plus a large lot and barn with rail service are available. Ashley's Landing is owned by the Claremont Development Authority and is sited on Route 12A just minutes to I-91. Utilities include water, sewer, telephone, fiber optics, and 3-phase power.


Ashley's Landing Prices

Ashley's Landing Subdivision with Notations

I-1 Zoning District

Covenants for Ashley's Landing


For further information please contact newbiz@claremontnh.com


Syd Clarke Park

Syd Clarke Industrial Park offers businesses a quality location in which to grow and prosper with easy access to shipping by truck, rail or air.  WIth sites varying from 2 to 20 acres, the 13 lot Syd Clark Industrial Park has a size and location to suit your company's needs.  Several lots are highly visible on River Road and Grissom Lane, while others offer quiet workspaces and views. Syd Clarke Industrial Park is owned by the Claremont Development Authority.

  • 13 lot subdivision
  • Industrial 3 zone
  • New road & utilities
  • Located on the corner of NH Route 12-A (River Road) and Grissom Lane
  • Economic Revitalization Zone
  • Opportunity Zone


Syd Clarke Prices

Syd Clarke Site Plan with Notations

I-3 Zoning District

Covenants for Syd Clarke Industrial Park


For further information please contact newbiz@claremontnh.com