Success is Job One in Claremont

We could tell you how wonderful Claremont is for business, but we figured we'd let a few of our current businesses tell you themselves.

Claremont MakerSpace: What Will You Make?

The Claremont MakerSpace (CMS) has been an extraordinary addition to downtown Claremont. CMS is a coworking space, education center, creative hub and business incubator. It offers affordable access to a variety of specialty equipment and educational resources to help members put shape to their ideas, develop new skills, learn new crafts and launch new businesses.

Technology, arts, machinery and classroom facilities are located on the premises. The MakerSpace is used for personal development as well as the promotion of business and workforce development through educational offerings, hands-on classes and activities, and active collaboration across multiple crafts, trades and professions. The CMS is also a home and incubator for local hobbyists, artisans and small businesses seeking to promote their efforts and the efforts of their community.

According to co-founder Jeremy Katz, “with the ability to access by membership CNC machines, 3-D printers, electrical studio, wood shop, as well as textile and jewelry studios and equipment, production will once again occur at the Sawtooth Mill.”  Steve Goldsmith, the other co-founder, continues “the Maker Movement is enhancing Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) and arts education, providing a vehicle for younger generations to learn the skills to create new products and designs.” 

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Claremont MakerSpace

46 Main Street

Claremont, NH 03743