Motor Vehicles

The office of the City Clerk is able to register motor vehicles including trailers and campers. Plates can be transferred and issued in this office.

Driver's licensing can be done Monday through Friday at the Newport DMV at the State of New Hampshire office on 20 N. Main St. You will need to produce the following documents to secure your driver’s license:
  • An original or certified copy of your birth certificate or passport – these documents must be in your current name; if not, then the legal document indicating your name change must be presented; and
  • A current valid out-of-state drivers license; and
  • Proof of residency.
The City of Claremont CAN issue regular NH license plates, Moose plates, vanity plates/initial plates , motorcycle plates, trailer plates, vanity antique plates, vanity motorcycle plates, vanity trailer plates, vanity Moose plates, Agricultural, Farm and Tractor plates.
The City CANNOT issue regular antique plates, veteran plates of any kind, commercial plates, Pearl Harbor plates, Purple Heart plates, moped plates, dirt bike plates, Handicap plates, apportioned plates, or State Park Plates. These plates can be obtained through the State of New Hampshire DMV Offices. Please call the State DMV at 603-227-4030 for questions regarding these types of plates.

Register Your Boat Too!

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Did you know you can register more than your car at Central Collections?