Online Mapping (GIS) for the City of Claremont

Explore Claremont' s Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping! Interact and navigate the City map to obtain data related to specific interests at a more efficient rate. Please take a moment to review the Getting Started section for the new system or proceed directly to the new online GIS website.

Please click here to access the GIS Mapping System

* There is no log-in required.  When you enter the GIS site, agree to the terms of use in the "Public Access" box and click on "Go to Map". *


Map Layers

The Map Layers tab contains all of the various combinations of data that can be toggled on and off at any time by expanding the folders contained within this view and selecting or deselecting the options located within the folders. We have created a default combination of layers that will enable the user to visualize the City’s maintained information such as primary & secondary roads with corresponding labels, parcel boundaries, structure locations, and 911 addresses. More details will appear the closer one zooms in (through use of the zoom tool in the upper right hand corner, the +/- zoom bar on the left, or the wheel scroll on your mouse when the pan tool is in use). The Base Map Data folder will enable a user to select the background that the layers will appear on top of and utilize various aerials and the U.S.G.S topographical maps.
Map View

The Map View tab contains a zoom feature that will immediately bring a user to the selected jurisdiction. Use this to quickly navigate to the various points of interest in the City. This view also contains the ability to search for properties by Owner's Name or tax map # (quick search), 911 address (address search), or Street/Route number searches. Use these functions if you have all or some of this information available. The sketch tools on this tab will create temporary drawings on top of the area you have navigated to, which can be modified depending on needs and use.

Refer to the help tab to see all of the functions of the tools available on the toolbar. This is your primary means for interacting with the map.