Roadways Posted for 6-Ton Limit

February 16, 2023

From: Alex Gleeson, Director of Public Works
City of Claremont - Department of Public Works

The following list of streets and roads will be posted for a 6-ton limit effective February 15, 2022. This posting is due to spring thawing conditions and will remain until the ground stabilizes.  We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause, but such action is necessary to protect the road bases and surfaces.

Ainsworth Road

Ironwood Hill Road

Sugar River Drive

Alden Road

Kingsbury Street

Tengren Avenue

Beauregard Street

Lane Ridge Road

Thrasher Road

Bible Hill Road

Lincoln Heights (gravel portion)

Twistback Road (Citizen to Old Church)

Bonmark Drive

Minckler Road

Veterans Park Road

Bonneau Road

Monadnock Park

Whites Hill Road

Bowker Street to Rt 120

Moody Park

Whitewater Brook Road

Calavant Hill Road

Old Highbridge Road

Windy Hill Road

Cat Hole Road

Old Church Road

Winter Street (Washington to Rt 120)

Case Hill Road

Olde Coach Road


Clay Hill Road

Paddy Hollow Road


Craigue Hill Road

Pappas Road


East Green Mt. Road

Piper Hill Road


Ellis Lane

Puckershire Avenue


Elm St. Extension (Thrasher to  RT. 120)

Red Water Brook Road (120 to Thrasher)


Ferry Landing Road

Roberts Hill Road


Fitch Reservoir Road

Roosevelt Road


Foisy Hill Road

Russell Jarvis Homestead


Goss Street

Skyline Terrace


Half Mile Road

Slab City Road


Hewitt Road

Spring Farm Road


Hogback Road

Steward Avenue


Holly Hill Road

Strand Road



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