Immediately Seeking Skilled Tradespeople

March 10, 2023

Licensed Plumbers, Electricians, and Contractors needed for Upcoming Projects

The City of Claremont is looking for licensed plumbers, electricians, and contractors to estimate multiple projects that will be taking place in the near future. 
Anyone interested please contact maintenance at or (603) 542-7026 ext. 0299. 
Listed below are the arrangements of projects. 
Electrical: City Hall Offices (all offices will need to be inspected and brought up to current electrical codes, along with many areas of removing remnants of past electrical components through years of remodeling.) 
Electrical Panel Renovation: Panel relocation (separate some circuits from a 100 amp panel, relocate and add a sub panel directly above into the next level.) 
Plumbing: Relocation of a 4” PVC line approximately 40’ (Roof Drain) 
Bathrooms: (back-to-back men and women’s bathroom, all new water and sewer lines with fixtures) Location in the Police Department. 
Contractor/ Plumbing: Opera House Ladies bathroom, located one above the other. New water lines, new sewer lines, new fixtures, flooring, drywall/ plaster repair and painting. (ASAP) 
Contractor: City Hall Council Chambers, replace existing formica top with solid surface top, new flooring to consist of carpet and vinyl, possible painting, and drywall included. 
Contractor/ Flooring: Atrium, new carpet, with polished concrete and redesign of interior handicapped ramp. 
General Contractor/Engineer: Exterior Handicap ramp, drainage and possible underground tank removal, design work.

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