Boards and Commissions Vacancies

January 13, 2021

It takes many, many volunteers to keep our City running. Won't you consider helping out? It's a great way to learn more about this wonderful City we call home!

The City of Claremont is inviting citizens to apply for vacancies which exist on the following volunteer Boards, Committees and Commissions:

Board of Appeals    5 Vacant Seats, 3 Vacant Alternate Seats
Board of Assessors    1 Vacant Seat, 1 Vacant Alternate Seat
Claremont Community Television Board of Directors    3 Vacant Seats
Claremont Planning Board    3 Vacant Alternate Seats
Conservation Commission    4 Vacant Alternate Seats
Elks Education Fund Trustee    1 Vacant Alternate Seat
Energy Advisory Committee    1 Vacant Alternate Seat
Finance Committee    2 Vacant Seats
Fiske Free Library Board of Trustees    1 Vacant Alternate Seat
Historic District Commission    3 Vacant Alternate Seats
Licensing Board    1 Vacant Seat
MT Ascutney Region River Subcommittee of the CT River Joint Commission    1 Vacant Seat, 2 Vacant Alternate Seats
Parks & Recreation Commission    1 Vacant Seat, 4 Vacant Alternate Seats
Personnel Advisory Board    1 Vacant Seat
Policy Committee    1 Vacant Seat
TIF Downtown Advisory Board    5 Vacant Seats
Zoning Board of Adjustment    1 Vacant Seat, 1 Vacant Alternate Seat

Seats for Future Availability:
Claremont Housing Authority    1 seat expires 5/29/2021
CCTV Board of Directors    2 seats expire 5/31/2021
Claremont Planning Board    2 seats & 1 alternate seat expire 3/31/2021
Conservation Commission    2 seats expire 3/31/2021
Historic District Commission    2 seats expire 3/31/2021
Parks and Recreation Commission    5 seats expire 5/31/2021
Zoning Board of Adjustment    1 seat & 1 alternate seat expire 3/31/2021

Call the Resource Coordinator at 504-0341 or stop by the Visitor Center at 14 North Street to find out how you can volunteer, or go online to for an application.   


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