New Sign at DPW

August 04, 2023

Created and carved by DPW's Scott Baker

A special new sign was installed last week for the Department of Public Works at the corner of North Street & Grandview Street.
Over the last few months after working full days at the DPW, Scott Baker spent his free time in the evenings creating this work of art, which he donated to the City of Claremont.
Scott used various tools including grinders, chisels and hammers to carve his design into this huge rock. The design includes the City of Claremont logo, the words “Public Works” and a detailed depiction of a backhoe.
He also carved initials on the side of the rock - “B.A.T.” - for coworker Bruce Therrien who has been working at DPW since September 1979 – almost 44 years!

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