The Transfer & Recycling Center is located at 875 Washington Street in Claremont. Hours of operation are Tuesdays and Saturdays 8:00 am to 3:45 pm. The use of the Transfer Station is limited to Claremont residents and residential property owners only. We do not accept construction and demolition material from commercial businesses and haulers and vehicles that have a gross vehicle weight greater than 19,000 pounds.

The certified attendants who operate the Transfer Station only accept the City’s Punch Card Tickets.

Cash or credit/debit cards are NOT accepted at the Transfer Station.

Tickets may be purchased at City Hall, Department of Central Collections, 58 Opera House Square OR Golden Cross Ambulance, One Lincoln Heights (Phone 603-542-6660)

Tickets are sold in value increments of $20.00 which accounts for (20) $1.00 punches. The punch card tickets do not expire. Bringing free recyclables, a punch ticket is not needed, however proof of residency may be requested.

Transfer Station

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Purchase a Punch Card or Request a Decal On-Line

Transfer Station and recycling symbol

Purchase a Transfer Station Ticket.  If you need a Transfer Station sticker type your license plate number in the # field.