Claremont COVID 19 Update January 5, 2021

January 05, 2021

City Staff has been closely monitoring the recent increase in active COVID-19 cases here in Claremont. Late last week we were made aware of active cases of COVID-19 at the Earl Bourdon Center. Fire Chief Bryan Burr, the City’s Emergency Management Coordinator, has been working closely with the Bourdon Center administration since we received this news. Together with the help of Valley Regional Hospital, they were able to provide onsite testing for the residents.

Besides this localized outbreak, the City has realized an increase in community transmission that may be attributed to gatherings during the Holiday Season. We ask that all citizens and visitors to Claremont maintain increased vigilance in following State mask mandates, as well as State and CDC guidance. By continuing to maintain social distance and wearing masks around all non-household family members, friends and acquaintances, along with washing our hands regularly and wiping down touch surfaces, we can reduce the spread of the virus, and hopefully return to pre-holiday numbers.

The City Staff continues to work closely with the State of New Hampshire to assist with the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. The State is currently distributing vaccinations to health care workers, and first responders. The next phase of the vaccine will be for those with underlying conditions that put them at high risk and the elderly that live in congregate living facilities. From there, the vaccine will be given to teachers, those living in congregate type living facilities (homeless shelters, etc..) higher risk essential workers and those with underlying risks that create a moderate risk, before moving to the general population. City Staff will continue working with the State of NH and the National Guard at the vaccination center to help the vaccination distribution go as smoothly as possible.

Thank you all for your patience and support as we work our way through this pandemic. I want to assure all in Claremont that City Staff is engaged in this process and is working hard to protect the safety and health of our citizens.

Ed Morris
City Manager


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