Taking Action for Wildlife Program

Saturday, October 23, 2021 | 10:30 am

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The Claremont Conservation Commission has sponsored a series of programs in 2021. The final 2 programs of 8 programs are titled:

River Restoration and Resilience: The City of Claremont, like many New England towns, is shaped by the health and ways of rivers. For Claremont, the Connecticut and Sugar Rivers are the largest, however every stream and drainage area is significant. How water moves and what it carries effects the quality of our water, maintaining of recreational activities, impacts of heavy rain, the health of our aquatic ecosystems, and much more.

In this series on Climate Change and Wildlife we are going to learn more about what impacts the health and adaptability of our water systems, and what is or can be done at both the city and household scale to improve its functioning.  

Saturday, October 9, 1030-1130 AM, Zoom, Come learn from stream restoration specialists about what makes a river a healthy place for fish and other animals, how culverts and other road infrastructure can impact streams and fish, and what work is being done to protect and restore these vital riverine habitats. Colin and John will also share some tips for spotting good places to fish in streams and rivers. Colin Lawson, Trout Unlimited & John Magee, NH Fish and Game

Saturday, October 23, 1030-1130 AM, Zoom, Curious about what you can do at home to protect and restore clean water in your local rivers and lakes? Throughout New Hampshire, neighbors are creating rain gardens, setting up rain barrels, and using trenches and other simple techniques to prevent water pollution. Whether you live on the water or up the road, come learn how you can do your part. Lisa Loosigian, Soak up the rain NH

This program is partially funded by the New England Grassroots Environment Fund


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