Halloween Trick or Treating

Sunday, October 31, 2021 | 5:00 pm

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Claremont Trick or Treating 
Sunday, October 31st 2021 
6-8 PM
The City of Claremont is working to maintain our Halloween traditions while still adhering to guidance provided by State of NH. In order to maintain Trick or Treating in the safest way possible during the pandemic, The City of Claremont is offering the following guidance: 
Homes who are participating in Trick or Treating should…
Only give out wrapped/pre-packaged items.
Give out items outside, spreading them out on a table, leaving a 6-foot distance between you and the trick or treaters. 
Refrain from handing out treats directly to the trick or treaters.
Refrain from allowing trick or treaters to get candy from a container filler with candy that will go to others.
Wear a cloth face mask.
Use a disinfectant to routinely sanitize commonly touched surfaces. 
If you wish not to participate, please keep your entry lights off during trick or treating times. 
Trick or Treaters who are participating should…
Trick or treat in small groups, preferably with family members only, and within your own neighborhood. 
Avoid large groups and going inside any homes.
Use social distancing and wait patiently for a turn to get candy (i.e. Do not congregate together in the same place.)
Carry hand sanitizer.
Wear a protective mask. (Costume masks are not a substitute for a cloth mask and a cloth mask should not be worn under a costume mask.)  
Only go to houses who choose to participate in Trick or Treating.  These will be houses with the entry lights on.  
These guidelines may be adjusted at any time based on 
updated recommendations from the CDC and/or State of NH.
The Claremont Parks and Recreation Department will be hosting a Trunks & Treats event on Halloween at Monadnock Park from 2-4 PM. 

City of Claremont