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Public Hearings Notice

Public Hearings Notice
Community Development Block Grant Project
The Claremont City Council will hold two consecutive Public Hearings on Wednesday, July 8th, 2020 at 6:30pm at the City Hall, 58 Opera House Square, Claremont, New Hampshire. Community Development Block Grant funds are available to municipalities through the NH Community Development Finance Authority. Up to $500,000 annually is available on a competitive basis for public facility projects, up to $500,000 for housing projects, up to $500,000 for economic development projects, and up to $500,000 emergency activities. Up to $25,000 is available per planning study. In addition, CDBG-CV funds may available to address Covid eligible public facility issues. All annual limitations subject to NH CDFA. All projects must primarily benefit low- and moderate-income persons. The public hearings will hear public comment on the following:   

1.    A proposed application to the Community Development Finance Authority for up to $500,000 in Community Development Block Grant Public Facility, Emergency and/or CDBG-CV funds.  The City of Claremont may be requesting the project be considered as an emergency grant under the emergency and COVID response criteria. The CDBG funds will be used for improvements to the Southwest Community Service’s Emergency Shelter, 45 Central Street, in Claremont. The facility is operating at only 50% capacity due to a portion of the building being unusable. Improvements to the facility includes, but is not limited to, repairs and upgrades of HVAC, sprinkler and electrical systems. The majority of the clients at the Shelter are of low and moderate income.
2.    The Residential Antidisplacement and Relocation Assistance Plan for this project.  Temporary relocation may be necessitated by this project.  The project will follow the Uniform Relocation Act.

For persons with special needs, provisions can be made by contacting the City Manager’s Office, via telephone (542-7002) or mail, at least five days prior to the public hearing.
City of Claremont
58 Opera House Square
Claremont, New Hampshire 03743