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Community Wide Clean-Up is Underway

The City Council and Administration have been working together to generate a plan that will enable residents to participate in a community-wide clean-up effort during April and May.  Councilors have volunteered to be Ward Team Leaders, responsible for coordinating projects in their respective wards with the Department of Public Works (DPW).  The focus this year is to pick up trash alongside roads and at various hotspots, dispose of unwanted tires, and give residents the opportunity to remove leaves and sand from their properties.

Team Leaders for Ward 1 are Assistant Mayor Damren and Councilor O’Hearne.  Team Leaders for Ward 2 are Mayor Lovett and Councilor Pope.  Team Leaders for Ward 3 are Councilors Zullo and Stone.   For safety reasons, DPW will be collecting trash and addressing hotspots along high traffic routes.   Team leaders will be organizing events to address hotspots in low traffic areas. 

Because sand is used to treat the roads during the winter, property owners are often left with damaging sand deposits on their lawn in the spring.   This year, DPW is offering residents three options for sand disposal.  Those residents who wish to bring sand from their lawns to the Transfer Station may do so during the rest of April and all of May.   Otherwise, residents can either bag the sand or put the sand in buckets for pick-up in May. 

While residents may choose to focus their energy on their immediate surroundings, a number of projects have been identified in which people may want to help.  For organized projects, Team Leaders will provide gloves, bags and ask participants to sign a liability waiver.   People who wish to participate in the community-wide clean-up effort are encouraged to contact their Team Leaders.   Below is a schedule of events; however, please go to the city’s DPW webpage for updated information or contact your Ward Team Leaders with any questions you may have.

Sand Disposal - During the rest of April and all of May, property owners can bring sand to the Transfer Station for disposal.  The Transfer Station is open on Tuesdays and Saturdays, from 8am to 4pm, to Claremont residents who have a Transfer Station decal on their vehicles.

Tire Day – On Saturday, April 21st, Claremont residents may dispose of unwanted tires, at no charge, at the Transfer Station from 8am to 4pm.  Please note that businesses are not eligible to participate.
Boat Landing Beautification – On Saturday, April 21st, from 9am to noon, the Conservation Commission will be focusing their efforts on the Ashley Boat Landing.   Gloves and bags will be provided.  Rain date for this event is April 28th, 9am to noon.

Grissom Lane – On Sunday, April 22nd, from 1pm to 4pm, Ward 2 Team Leaders are asking residents to join them in picking up trash along this road.  Gloves and bags will be provided.  Rain date to be announced.
Windy Hill, Paddy Hollow and Hewitt Roads – On Sunday, April 22nd, from 9am to 2pm, Ward 3 Team Leaders are asking residents to join them in picking up trash along these routes.  Gloves and bags will be provided.  Rain date to be announced.

Leaf and Sand Collection – During the week of May 7-11, DPW will be collecting bags of leaf/grass rakings, as well as bags or buckets of sand.  Please note that both leaves/grass rakings and sand must be bagged separately and in compostable, paper bags.   If residents elect to put sand in buckets, DPW will empty the buckets and leave them on-site.  Bags and buckets must be ready for pick-up no later than 7am on May 7th.

Mulberry, Park Avenue and Bluff area – On May 22nd, Councilor Koloski will be working with the Claremont School District to pick up trash in this area.  Gloves, donated by Runnings, and bags will be provided.  DeCamp Trucking has donated their services to haul away collected trash.  This event will begin at 8am at the Topstone building and is open to anyone who would like to help.   Please contact Councilor Koloski with any questions.
Charlene Lovett is the Mayor of Claremont and welcomes your feedback.  Please send questions, comments or concerns to her at clovett.ccc@gmail.com.