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Boards, Committees & Commissions Vacancies


Boards, Committees and Commissions Vacancies

The City of Claremont is inviting citizens to apply for vacancies which exist on the following volunteer Boards, Committees and Commissions:

Airport Advisory Board

No Vacancies

Board of Appeals

5 Vacant Seats; 3 Vacant Alternate Seats

Claremont Community Television Board

4 Vacant Seats

Claremont Development Authority

No Vacancies

Claremont Housing Authority

No Vacancies

Claremont Planning Board

4 Vacant Alternate Seats

Claremont Police Commission

No Vacancies

Conservation Commission

1 Vacant Seat; 5 Vacant Alternate Seats

Fiske Free Library Board of Trustees

2 Vacant Seats; 3 Vacant Alternate Seats

Frances Tolles Home

3 Vacant Seats

Historic District Commission

3 Vacant Alternate Seats

MT Ascutney Region River Subcommittee of the CT River Joint Commission

2 Vacant Seats, 2 Vacant Alternate Seats

Parks & Recreation Commission

4 Vacant Alternate Seats

Personnel Advisory Board

1 Vacant Seat

TIF Downtown Advisory Board

2 Vacant Seats

Trustees of Trust Funds

No Vacancies

Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission

1 Vacant Seat

Zoning Board of Adjustment

1 Vacant Alternate Seat

Seats for Future Availability:

Claremont Development Authority

3 seats expire 12/31/2017

Claremont Police Commission

1 seat expires 12/31/2017

Call deForest Bearse at 504-0341 or stop by the Visitor Center at 14 North Street to find out how you can volunteer, or go online to www.claremontnh.com/government/boards-and-committees.