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State of New Hampshire, Department of Transportation

In order to develop the best transportation solutions for your community, our Department is looking to hear your thoughts on transportation. Experience has shown that the best transportation projects evolve as a result of close cooperation between planners, designers, and policy makers, and the residents, business owners, and interest groups who know and care about their residents and communities. The meetings are being hosted by the Department of Transportation, your Executive Councilor, and the Regional Planning Commissions. We invite you, your residents and communities to actively participate in this meeting. Our goal is to hear from you what your transportation needs are.

If you have questions regarding these meetings or the scope of planned projects in your area, please call William E. Watson Jr, PE at (603) 271-3344

Date: Monday, 10/23/17
Start Time: 7:00 pm
Location:  CSB Community Center, 152 South St., Claremont NH