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The Claremont Police Department is investigating the report of a juvenile who was injured on August 28, 2017. The investigation revealed that an 8-year-old child was injured while he was on private property off of North Street in Claremont, NH. The injured child was treated and released from an area hospital for injuries that he received during this incident.

Claremont Police detectives assigned to this case are taking all steps possible to investigate the incident and have been doing so since the police became involved in this matter in late August. The investigation principally revolves around the conduct of people who are 14 years-of-age or younger. Because this case involves juveniles, disclosure of information is dictated by NH RSA-169.

I want to assure everyone in our community, our neighboring communities, and the nation at large that we take all reports made to this agency very seriously, and will complete our investigations in a thorough and professional manner. Furthermore, if we receive information that a crime has been committed and that the actor was substantially motivated to commit that crime because of hostility towards the victim’s religion, race, creed, sexual orientation, national origin or sex, we will seek remedies through enhanced sentencing laws (NH RSA 651:6) or through civil action which can be taken by the NH Attorney General’s Office (NH RSA 354- B:1).

Mark T. Chase Chief of Police