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Public Response From City Manager

To One and All,

I am the City Manager for Claremont, NH. We are a vibrant community, a wonderful place to live, and there are many opportunities for employment at rewarding and challenging industries and businesses. Our community is very affordable for new families and first-time home buyers.   
This community does not condone racism in any form. The incident on August 28th involves minors and NH law restricts what we can say. Social media does not face the same restrictions, nor does it have to report accurately. Our Chief of Police is a professional and I have full confidence in him to handle any investigation.

Claremont community and faith leaders will gather tomorrow to begin a community response to hatred.  The purpose of this gathering is a compassionate public witness to support all in our community who are wounded by racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and to stand up against it.
No one in this administration condones bigotry, or hatred, nor would they cover it up. We are following legal advice given about the sensitivity of anything that involves minors and nothing more.

We all appreciate your concern, but please allow the patience needed to let the NH legal system have due process.


Ryan W. McNutt
City Manager, Claremont NH