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Water, Sanitary & Sewer Department

The Department of Public Works' Water, Sanitary and Stormwater Sewer Department is managed by the Director of Public Works and Assistant Director of Public Works.

The department is responsible for operation, maintenance, and construction of the City's:

1. Water supply, protection, treatment, and distribution of quality water
2. Sanitary sewer collection system and treatment
3. Stormwater management

The Claremont Waterworks Company dates back to the late 1800's where history reveals the first 3/4" water pipe was laid from a spring in the south part of town, and served ten homes.  In 1954, the Claremont Waterworks Company integrated to municipal ownership.  Today, we service over 3,500 customers with 90 miles of water distribution mains and 70 miles of sewer collection mains.  

In addition to the water and sewer mains, the department maintains and services:
    • 435 Hydrants
    • 3,300+ water meters
    • 1,100 water main valves
    • 3 reservoirs
    • 2 water pump stations
    • 2 water storage tanks
    • 4 dams
    • 1,150 sewer manholes
    • 7 sewer pump stations
    • 1,730 storm water catchbasin structures

    Helpful Information:

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    Ordinance #506:  Sewer Rates
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    New and existing business information on the Pretreatment Program and Wastewater Discharge:

    Business Checklist & Contact Sheet
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    Guidelines for Industrial Pretreatment Discharge Permit Request (DPR)
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    Wastewater Discharge Permit Application:  Commercial & Industrial Establishment

    8 Grandview Street, Claremont, New Hampshire 03743-2677
    Phone: 603-542-7020
    Fax: 603-542-7022
    Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 am-4:00pm