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Directions to Transfer Station Schedule of Fees 

The Department of Public Work's Sanitation & Recycling Department is managed by the Director of Public Works. The department is responsible for municipal rubbish removal as well as the operation of the City's Transfer & Recycling Center, including building and grounds maintenance and delivering recycled glass. The staff includes two Certified Solid Waste Facility Operators, trained and licensed through the State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. The Transfer Station operates under DES Permit #DES-SW-PN-12-004.

The Transfer & Recycling Center is located at 875 Washington Street in Claremont.

Hours of operation are Tuesdays and Saturdays 8:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

  • Please Note: The Transfer Station may be closed due to a holiday. Please check for postings at the facility, check the Eagle Times, or the News and Alerts page to confirm prior to traveling to the facility.
  • The use of the Transfer Station is limited to Claremont residents and residential property owners only. We do not accept construction and demolition material from commercial businesses and haulers and vehicles that have a gross vehicle weight greater than 19,000 pounds.

Notice - June 26, 2015

This notice is to inform you that the Claremont City Council has voted to institute a decal system for the Claremont Transfer Station.  The decals will need to be on your vehicle starting August 1, 2015.  You can pick up your decal at City Hall in the Central Collections office (located where you register your car, dogs, or pay your taxes).  There is no charge for the decal however you will need to bring a copy of your registration when you come in to get your decal.  Also, if you are driving a company issued vehicle or you are a non-resident property owner you will need to sign a form stating you are only using the Transfer Station for Claremont household trash.
Signature Form for Temporary Decal
Transfer Station Decals and Process

Please note that you will still need transfer station punch tickets in order to dispose of trash.  

The certified attendants who operate the Transfer Center only accept the City's Punch Card Tickets.

  • Cash or credit/debit cards are Not accepted
  • Tickets may be purchased at City Hall, Department of Central Collections, 58 Opera House Square OR Golden Cross Ambulance, One Lincoln Heights (Phone 542-6660)

Tickets are sold in value increments of $20.00 which accounts for (20) $1.00 punches. The punch card tickets do not expire. When bringing free recyclables, a punch ticket is not needed, however proof of residency may be requested.

The Transfer Station facility began construction in 2001, located on the same property as the prior landfill. The closure of the 21-acre +/- landfill consisted of consolidating the municipal solid waste at the site and covering the material that had accumulated since the 1960's. The closure procedure, overseen by the State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, required layers of fill material, stabilization of the slopes, a gas venting layer, covered by 40-mil geo-textile material with an additional 18 inches of fill spread to protect the membrane, and finally a vegetative cover material. The project also included stream relocation and the construction of the current transfer station which now provides waste disposal facilities for the residents of the City. The total cost of this project was approximately $6,000,000. On-going landfill closure monitoring is a State of New Hampshire requirement and is currently under contract with L.E.A. Engineers. Monitoring includes testing gas emissions, underground wells, and completing the mandated reporting. The City also outsources the annual mowing of 20 acres of step sloping (3:1) over the landfill membrane and drainage ditches which require trimming as well.

See Recycling page for more information on Transfer Station and Recycling.

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