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The quick change of temperature, very high water table, rain in the forecast and amount of freeze thaw cycles we had this winter has caused the dirt roads to become almost impassable today. 
Please be patient as we can only patch the roads during this season. The weather early next week goes below freezing and thaws later in the week so this situation will happen again. This same thing happens under paved road so the structure is fragile.

Victor StPierre
Director of Claremont Public Works
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Muddy dirt road during Mud Season!

Mud season is an informal term used in northern climates, particularly in rural New England and other parts of the northeast U.S., for a period in late winter/early spring when dirt paths such as roads and hiking trails become muddy from melting snow and rain. It is often jokingly called the "fifth season".[1]
Mud season occurs in places where the ground freezes in winter and thaws in spring. Dirt roads and paths become muddy because the deeply frozen ground thaws from the surface down as the air temperature warms above freezing. The frozen lower layers of ground prevent water from percolating into the soil so the surface layers of soil become saturated with water and turn to mud.

Mud season can be expensive for towns due to the damage done to dirt roads.

One report concluded that the cost of improving mud season road conditions in New England can be as much as US$140,000 per mile.[3]


10-minute lead test is an online step-by-step guide to help you identify if you have lead pipes bringing water to your house and reduce possible lead exposure in drinking water. 

We encourage you to take use this guide, it only takes 10 minutes of your time. You’ll need to have a magnet and something to scratch a pipe, a coin or a key.

Click on the banner above to be taken to the guide or copy and paste this address into your internet browser https://goo.gl/iecyM9

If you have questions, contact NHDES Drinking Water & Groundwater Bureau 603-271-2513 or dwgbinfo@des.nh.gov.


The City of Claremont will be re-constructing a portion of Main Street from Opera House Square to Union Street. This will include the roadway, all utilities, sidewalks and miscellaneous items. The project’s schedule will begin on Monday, May 7, 2018 and is expected to continue into November, 2018. Hours of work: 6:30 AM – 5:00 PM (Monday – Friday).

This construction will affect pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Motorized vehicles will be restricted to just one lane in work areas, therefore, minor delays are to be expected. At times, through traffic may be routed around the project site via a detour route. If at all possible, the traveling public should seek alternate routes.

The contractor or engineer will post updated traffic and pedestrian flows on a weekly basis. This information may be found on the City of Claremont’s WEB site – click onto “residents” (green bar) – drop down & click onto “Main Street Reconstruction Project.”

Access to local businesses and residences will be maintained throughout the project.

The project team appreciates your patience, understanding and cooperation to help maintain a safe environment during construction. For questions or concerns during construction please call Scott Ozana, McFarland Johnson, Inc., (603) 762-3681. For after hour emergencies please contact the Claremont Police Department @ (603) 542-9538.


The Water Department is currently working in neighborhoods around the entire City replacing aging water meters. Most meters are installed inside your home, typically in the basement area. The new meters are lead-free and also feature radio read technology, which means we will now be able to read your meter from the street. There is NO cost to you for this replacement. Technicians may knock on your door for access to the meter or leave a gold-colored tag with the office contact information to schedule an appointment. LEARN MORE 


Flat Rate is charged when homeowners do not have a water meter installed to measure actual water usage. Many homeowners may very well be paying more than necessary by being on a flat rate service, which is equivalent to a household using 39,400 gallons of water for a six-month billing cycle. The average two-person household consumes 22,400 gallons semi-annually. In the fall of 2016, the Claremont City Council approved a 17.5% increase per year for flat rate water customers. The semi-annual bill for water only will be charged as follows:

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
$201.00 $236.20 $277.50 $326.10 $383.20 $450.30


2016 Lead and Copper Report
Lead and Copper Service Repair Notice 2016
Water and Sewer Presentation 2016/17Claremont Rate Study Recommendations 07/27/2016 

Main Street Reconstruction project

Updates available here



    Claremont Water Department Operation “GET THE LEAD OUT”


Recent events in Flint, Michigan and other cities around the country have led to important discussions of the safety of Claremont’s drinking water.  Claremont does not have the corrosion issue of the Flint River and the City's municipal water system is in compliance with EPA standards for lead and copper.  However, there are some lead service lines in the water distribution system.

Over the next year, the Claremont Public Works Department will be investigating the condition of service lines extending from the water mains to individual properties throughout the City.  If a service line is identified as possibly containing lead, the property owner will be contacted directly by the Public Works Department to discuss the City's program to replace the City's portion of the service line from the water main to the curb stop at or near the property line and to install a new curb stop and meter at no cost to the private property owner, including all road excavation and repairs. 

If a service line is identified as possibly containing lead, property owners are strongly encouraged to coordinate with a contractor and the Public Works Department for the property owner to replace the remainder of the service line from the curb stop into the property. 

Where lead service lines are identified, the Public Works Department will provide property owners with information on the risks of not replacing their portion of the service line and methods of reducing lead exposure both during and after construction.

The City looks forward to working with you to eliminate all lead in our water distribution system.  Our goal is to have all the lead pipes removed from the city's side of the service lines as quickly as possible. If you have any questions please look at our web site or call us at 603-542-7020.  

Notice - June 26, 2015 

This notice is to inform you that the Claremont City Council has voted to institute a decal system for the Claremont Transfer Station.  The decals will need to be on your vehicle starting August 1, 2015.  You can pick up your decal at City Hall in the Central Collections office (located where you register your car, dogs, or pay your taxes).  There is no charge for the decal however you will need to bring a copy of your registration when you come in to get your decal.  Also, if you are driving a company issued vehicle or you are a non-resident property owner you will need to sign a form stating you are only using the Transfer Station for Claremont household trash.

Please note that you will still need transfer station punch tickets in order to dispose of trash.

Signature Form for Temporary Decals
Transfer Station Decals and Process

Phone: 603-542-7020

Fax: 603-542-7022
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 am-4:00 pm

The City of Claremont - Department of Public Works, wishes to notify businesses, residents, and the traveling public that the following roads will undergo a chip seal process beginning Thursday, May 29, 2014 (weather permitting): Piper Hill Road Dustin Heights Bonmark Drive Thrasher Road Roosevelt Road Please make arrangements to avoid these areas.