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The Department of Public Works’ Cemetery Department is managed by the Director of Public Works along with a General Foreman and one full-time cemetery laborer. The department is also supported administratively in assisting the public and funeral directors with coordinating new burials,cemetery recordkeeping, purchase and sales of lots, deed preparation, billing, assisting with locating ownership of gravesites, research and genealogy. To contact Norma Limoges, Department of Public Works Office Manager, please call 603 504-0351 or email nlimoges@claremontnh.com.

The history of Claremont’s cemeteries dates back to the 1700’s where many Revolutionary and Civil War veterans have been buried. Today, the City maintains five municipal cemeteries covering over 76 acres. Please click on the cemetery location below for sight map.

We also provide burial and foundation setting services for:

  • St. Mary’s Cemetery, owned and operated by St. Mary’s Catholic Church
  • Meyer David Cemetery, a privately owned Jewish cemetery

The wonderfully restored entrance gates at the Mountain View Cemetery were officially opened in a well-attended ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, October 30th.  Many thanks to Norma Limoges, Ted Wadleigh and the many others who helped make this project happen.

The Cemetery Department is fully responsible for the general maintenance designed to improve and sustain the appearance and condition of the municipal cemeteries. It also includes such work as the upkeep of the cemetery roads, buildings, fences, spring and fall clean-up, raking, mowing and trimming. Foundations for monuments are constructed of concrete by the Cemetery Department upon request. The preparation of graves and laying out of graveside ceremonial material is also the responsibility of the Cemetery Department. This service is provided year-round, including the winter months, weather and other circumstances permitting. All work on monuments, markers, foundations and lettering must be done during the working hours of the Cemetery Department.

On average, the Cemetery Department conducts 120 Burials per year; 25 Sales of Lots; and 50 Foundations for Gravestones.

In 2005, the Cemetery Department began a project converting burial records from an index card filing system to a database program. This was administratively fulfilled with City staff, including summer and part-time help, and it took four years to complete. The database contains nearly 30,000 grave records which includes the five municipal cemeteries plus St. Mary’s Cemetery and the Meyer David Cemetery records. The computer-based program serves many functions in easy, searchable steps right at the computer stations. Each record contains the full name of each individual buried in the City of Claremont. Many records include date of birth, date of death and burial. Records also include the cemetery name, section, lot number of their gravesite, and type of burial (full casket or cremation). Cemetery lots may have multiple graves, therefore each grave is given a position number. The database documents the burial position, provides ownership information and identifies anyone else buried in the lot along with their respective position. The database is updated each time there is a new burial or sale.

In the year 2010, the City installed location sign markers in the cemeteries to assist the public in the proper direction when locating their ancestors. This project was the result of numerous requests from the families of those with loved ones buried here.

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