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Emergency Preparedness Calea Information FAQ

Welcome to the Claremont Police Department's web page. Policing is as much about communication as it is enforcement, and to this end we are dedicated to working closely with the community to foster open lines of communication. Share with us your thoughts and insights on safety, crime prevention, and law enforcement. We stand ready to work together with the community to continue to make Claremont a safe and comfortable place to live.

In an effort to serve you efficiently, please do not e-mail your request for service.  All inquiries for police assistance should be registered by calling the Claremont Police Department directly at 603-542-9538.

Mission Statement

  • The Claremont Police Department strives to provide the City of Claremont with professional, compassionate police services with a primary focus on working together with the Citizens of Claremont to help maintain or improve the quality of life within the City of Claremont.
  • The Claremont Police Department will promptly respond to calls for service in a professional, compassionate, and competent manner.
  • The Claremont Police Department will aggressively investigate criminal reports in a professional and competent manner to ensure that, whenever possible, perpetrators of crime are brought to justice through conviction in the Court of appropriate jurisdiction.
  • The Claremont Police Department, with the cooperation of the Citizens of Claremont, will strive to maintain order within the City of Claremont and prevent criminal behavior through directed patrol, crime watch, innovative patrol and investigative techniques, and the use of available information to direct enforcement actions.
  • Officers of the Claremont Police Department will always strive to uphold the honor of the Police Department, their badge and their Oath of Office. In its simplest form, officers of the Claremont Police Department will always abide by the "Golden Rule" - "Do to others as you would have them do to you."

Our Patch

The Claremont Police Department’s patch is a telescopic view of the clock tower on top of City Hall. The copper-domed edifice, dedicated in 1897 and housing the historic Claremont Opera House and many city offices, has four clock faces which are readily visible throughout the community. The mountains behind the clock tower signify the City’s location in the rolling green hills of western New Hampshire. The dark blue background represents law enforcement. The gold lettering represents the commitment to the community by department members.

There are three versions of the patch: a royal blue-trimmed version for officers and sergeants, a gold-trimmed version for command staff members, and a subdued patch for tactical uniforms.

Bike Patrol

The Claremont Police Department utilizes bike patrols to fulfill its mission of total community policing objectives. Our bike patrols have been found productive in connecting with the public. These patrols are more accessible to the public than typical motorized patrols.

Our bike patrols are used in the downtown areas as well as on the various recreational trails in our city. The bike patrol officers spend many hours instructing children on bicycle safety.

OHRV Enforcement Team

There are many miles of well-maintained recreational trails in the City of Claremont. In 2004, the department established an OHRV Enforcement Team. We partnered with the NH Department of Fish and Game and the Sullivan County ATV Club to provide dedicated off-road patrols. Due to the success of the program, the department purchased an Arctic Cat 4x4 ATV equipped with warning lights and safety equipment. Hikers, anglers, horse riders, and motorized vehicle users can expect to bump into a uniformed police officer during their visits to the “back woods”.

Park Ranger Program

In 2007, the Claremont Police Department and the Claremont Parks and Recreation Department launched a summer Park Ranger/Parking Enforcement Officer Program. The goal of the program is to ensure a safe, clean, and healthy environment for all those who enjoy the downtown area and the various City parks. Park Rangers are not certified law enforcement officers and do not possess arrest powers. They have been granted authority through the Municipal Code to issue warnings and citations for a variety of violations. Park Rangers act as mediators, tour guides, peace-keepers, and ambassadors for the City and for the police department, and serve as additional eyes and ears for the department. They also serve to educate the public in a positive manner regarding Park regulations. The Park Rangers are highly visible and readily recognizable. The uniform distinguishes them from police officers. Park Rangers are assigned to bicycle patrol and are authorized to drive city vehicles to reach outlying parks to perform their duties efficiently.

Polygraph Services

In March of 2000, the Claremont Police Department established a polygraph program. The department’s examiner attended 800 hours of training at the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training and is a certified Member of the American Polygraph Association (APA). The instrument used is an Axciton computerized polygraph. Criminal polygraph and pre-employment examinations are conducted for our department and area agencies.


The department is represented at the district court level by a full-time Prosecuting Attorney/Lieutenant. Responsibilities of the prosecutor include:

  • Arraignments
  • Trials
  • Probable Cause Hearings
  • Bail Hearings
  • Deferred Sentencing Hearings
  • Suppression Hearings
  • Adult and Juvenile Dockets
  • Discovery
  • Motion Hearings
  • Diversions
  • Victim/Witness coordination

Juvenile Services

The Juvenile Service unit of the police department handles cases involving juveniles. Once a police officer in the field deals with a case involving a juvenile, all reports are forwarded to this unit. The Juvenile Officer coordinates efforts to effectively deal with juvenile matters.

School Resource Officer

The purpose of the School Resource Officer program is to maintain a presence within the schools. This program’s strength is that it is a cooperative effort between the Claremont School District and the police department.

Several goals include: provide a rapport between the students and the police: to respond to problems in the schools in a prompt, effective manner: enhance student and staff safety.


The department has a number of Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Systems instructors on staff who provide renowned self defense programs: RAD Basic Physical Defense and RAD Kids.

Community members who would like to learn more about the RAD program should contact the department.

Address: 58 Opera House Square, Claremont, New Hampshire 03743-2677
Emergency Phone: 911
Fax: 603-542-7015
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am-12:30 pm & 1:30 pm-5:00 pm