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Applications, Forms & Registrations Claremont Firefighters Association

The Claremont Fire Department is a full service department serving the city with full time staffing since 1917. A staff of 18 full time career (including EMTS and Paramedics) and 8 paid call fire personnel provide the community a full array of services.

Fire Department Services include fire code compliance and fire safety inspections, fire prevention training, fire suppression, emergency medical care, technical rescue services and hazardous material control. The fire department is a State licensed non-transport ambulance service with paramedic level personnel supporting the city’s contracted ambulance service.

The 1917 brick fire station has been remarkably maintained and houses six modern pieces of fire and rescue apparatus. Approximately one thousand emergency responses annually are made by the department with nearly seventy percent of all calls showing fire department arrival within six minutes.

Mission Statement

We the members of the Claremont Fire Department will dedicate ourselves and our every effort to the service of the citizens and visitors of our community.  The focus of our service will be to provide for their safety and welfare through the preservation of life, health, property and the environment.

Core Values

Every member of the Claremont Fire Department shall take personal ownership of our mission by subscribing to the following values:

Professional Excellence

We recognize our value to the community is best demonstrated through fire service excellence and high professional standards.  We will adhere to these values by continually seeking an expanded base of knowledge and the growth of our individual professional development.

Teamwork and Leadership

We acknowledge that teamwork and leadership at all levels are vital to improving the efficiency of the service we provide to our community.  It shall be the responsibility of all members, regardless of rank, to promote team cohesiveness by the involvement of all their peers and the exclusion of none in all department efforts.

Integrity and Innovation

We understand the trust that the community places in us and will always act with honesty, integrity and respect when dealing with all members of the public and with each other.  We will commit ourselves to progressive ideas and seek to be instruments of positive change that will improve our department and the growth and economic development of the community we serve.

Health and Safety

We accept as a personal responsibility, the health and safety of the members of our community through our actions at all of our emergency and service responses.  We shall also assume personal accountability for our own health and wellness and continually work to maintain a level of fitness that will best serve our community and our fellow firefighter.

Outdoor Burning fire permit FAQ Ordinance #556

Outdoor Burning Fire Permit Q & A Ordinance #556

Fire Alarm Notice

Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring Bill Enclosure 6/1/18


 2012 Sprinkler & Fire Alarm Rules (Rev 02/21/18)

Appendix A:   Fire Alarm Application & Instructions (Rev 02/21/18) 

Appendix B:   Fire Alarm Inspection & Testing Form (Rev 02/21/18)

Appendix C:   Acceptable Fire Alarm Control Panels (Rev 02/21/18)

Appendix D:   Municipal Fire Alarm Radio Box System Application for Installation Certification (Rev 02/21/18) 

Appendix E:   Application for Sprinkler System  (Rev 02/21/18)

Appendix F:  Sprinkler System Inspection & Testing  (Rev 02/21/18)

Appendix G:   Sprinkler Owner's Information Certificate  (Rev 02/21/18)

Appendix H:   Application for Fire Suppression/Clean Agent Systems (Rev 02/21/18)

Appendix I:  Fire Suppression Inspection and Testing Form (Rev 02/21/18)

Other Permit Applications

Application for Storage Tank Closure

Application for Storage Tank Installation

Explosives Application and Permit

Oil Burner Permit

State of NH Fireworks Safety Form

Bryan Burr, Fire Chief/Manager Municipal Airport-CNH
100 Broad Street, Claremont, New Hampshire 03743-2677
Fire Dept. Main Line:  603-542-5156
Administrative Phone:  603-542-7012
Emergency Phone: 911
Fax: 603-542-7028
Chief Burr's Email: firechief@claremontnh.com
Email: fire@claremontnh.com
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 12:30 pm & 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm