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Main Street Reconstruction Project

Updates available here

2017 Master Plan for Public Viewing

Available here.

Cyclical Data Collection Work has begun in Claremont

The City of Claremont has entered into a contract with KRT Appraisal, LLC of Haverhill, Massachusetts to conduct an on-site exterior measurement and interior inspection of the City’s taxable parcels as part of cyclical data review required by New Hampshire RSA 75:1.

We would appreciate your cooperation in allowing their representative to come onto your property to measure the exterior of all buildings and to inspect the interiors.

KRT Appraisal is represented by Mr. Doug Rollins, Data Collector, who has been directed to perform assessing services for the City of Claremont for the year 2018.  All assessing personnel will gladly identify themselves to you.

Doug Rollins will be driving a brown Ford Explorer with a NH license plate number of 437 8974.  Doug will have checked in with the Claremont Police Department prior to commencing data collection.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at the Claremont Assessing Department at 542-7004 or 504-0295 for confirmation of this information.


In 2015, the City applied for and was awarded grant monies from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation's "Transportation Alternatives Program." The grant will allow the city to complete a sidewalk on the entirety of East Street and to make improvements to the section of the rail trail between Pleasant Street and Chestnut Street. For more information, please click here to view the slides from the Local Concerns Meeting held on July 12th, 2016. 

Hazard Mitigation plan update 2016

 Update of the Hazard Mitigation Plan, please click here


city council adopts community revitalization tax relief incentive (rsa 79e)

For information, including the eligible district map, full text of the state enabling legislation, and application, please click here.

NH 12 & North Street

The NH 12 and North Street Transportation Project documents can be found here.

Forest management plan

Presented in conjunction with the Conservation Commission, Department of Public Works, Parks & Recreation, and Planning & Development Department

Arrowhead  Cat Hole Road  Industrial Area  Moody Park  Rice Reservoir  
Veteran's Park  White Water Reservoir  Winter Street Lot

Board & Commission Vacancies

Board Vacancies

Application to Serve on a Board or Committee