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Main Street Reconstruction Project


This project is temporarily suspended for the winter. Temporary pavement was applied to avoid trip hazards to maintain the surface for the winter. The contractor temporarily paved all obstructions so DPW can maintain the road and sidewalks. In the spring, the contractor will install the handicap access plate to the correct grade in concrete next to the granite curb. The granite curbs are installed to exact requirements. The hardscape brick setting was postponed until Spring, due to frozen ground.

The project will stay like this over the winter. If anything settles or breaks over the winter the contractor has to repair it at their cost.

Also, in the spring, the contractor will raise the rest of the manholes to the new paving height, finish paving on the sidewalks and roads, install the handicap access warning plate in concrete where needed, install the concrete sidewalks and brick sidewalk, as well as landscape.

The project expected finished is June 1st 2019.

If you have any questions or further information, please contact

Thomas Krebs

City of Claremont Project Manager


Main Street Improvement Plans 

Road Construction Plans 2017/18
Utilities 2017/18
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