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Claremont Charter Commission

Charter Commission will meet Thursday, October 2, 2014,  at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall.   Meeting is open to the public.

For information on the Claremont Charter Commission, please review the following links: 
Charter Public Education PowerPoint Handout  
Proposed Claremont City Charter 2014-9-9 with Notes

City of Claremont Charter:
City of Claremont Charter 2003
Summary of Charter Review Process 
RSA 49-C Local Option City Charters 

Charter Commission Members

George Caccavaro, Jr., Chair 843-7774 gcaccavaro2@gmail.com
Russell "Rusty" Fowler 542-5698 Raf18@comcast.net
Raymond Gagnon 542-7286 gagnon03743@gmail.com
Ron Gilbert 542-5798 captc10@myfairpoint.net
Cynthia Howard 543-1372 cindycool09@yahoo.com
Nicholas Koloski 543-7570 njkoloski@yahoo.com
Paul LaCasse, Sr. 542-4459 no email
Philip "Joe" Osgood" 542-0762 joejfcc@gmail.com
Robert Porter 543-0549 porterbh@aol.com

Meeting Minutes