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Mayor & City Council

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The City of Claremont operates under a City Council/City Manager form of government. City Council members are elected every two years. Elections are held in November.

The City Council is responsible for:

  • establishing City policies,
  • establishing procedures, and
  • fiscal management.

Please feel free to contact a member of the City Council through councilclerk@claremontnh.com.

The City Council meets at City Hall in Council Chambers on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at  6:30 PM.

Council Meeting Agenda

December 13, 2017, Agenda Revised   


additional Meeting Items: 

December 13, 2017, Council Packet 
Ordinance 560 
Resolution 2018-18 
Resolution 2018-19 

Keno Presentation 
Keno - NHMA Questions and Answers 

City Manager Search Firm Selection Committee Minutes 2016 - 7-25 Draft 
City Manager Search Firm Decision Matrix 

To see the 2016 Budget, please click here.

To see the 2017 Budget, please click here.

Mayor      Assistant Mayor Councilor, Ward I
Charlene Lovett
Term Expires: 12/2017
Phone: 603-504-6273
Allen Damren
Term Expires: 12/2017
Phone: 603-558-0561
Carolyn Towle
Term Expires: 12/2017
Phone: 603-542-7247
Councilor, Ward II Councilor, Ward III Councilor, At Large
Scott Pope
Term Expires: 12/2017
Phone: 603-542-2892
Nicholas Koloski
Term Expires: 12/2017
Phone: 603-543-7570
Abigail Kier
Term Expires:12/2017
Phone: 1-580-574-0905
Councilor, At Large Councilor, At Large Councilor, At Large
Keith Raymond
Term Expires: 12/2017
Phone:  603-542-9775
John Simonds
Term Expires: 12/2017
Phone: 603-543-0295
Bruce Temple
Term Expires: 12/2017
Phone: 603-543-0519

Districts for Election Purposes:

New Hampshire General Court

  • House of Representative District Wards 1-3
  • District 22
  • Senate District 8

Executive Council

  • District 1

US Congress – New Hampshire Delegation

  • House of Representatives District 2