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Personnel Advisory Board

In accordance with Section 53 of the City Charter, the Personnel Advisory Board shall study the board problems of policy and administration, advise the Council concerning the personnel policies of the City and the Manager regarding the administration of the merit plan and retirement system, and to hear appeals of any employee aggrieved as to the status or conditions of his employment or retirement. The Board shall issue written reports, containing findings of facts and recommendations to the Manager upon such appeals but the board shall have no power to reinstate an employee unless it finds, after investigation, that the disciplinary action was taken against the employee for religious, racial, or political reasons.


Term: 3 years
Meeting: as needed
Appointments: Seat 1: by City Manager; Seat 2: by Members of Seats 1 and 3; Seat 3: by City Council
Makeup: Three members holding no other political office.

personnel advisory Board Members

Seat 1 Seat 2 Seat 3
Margaret Hurley
Term Expires: 06/30/2021
Appointed by - City Manager
Candace Crawford
Term Expires: 06/30/2022
Appointed by - Members of Seats 1 & 3
Mark Limoges
Term Expires: 06/30/2020
Appointed by - City Council