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Fiske Free Library Board of Trustees

Established in accordance with the Administrative Code (Ordinance #525); as subsequently amended by the Council. The Board acts as an advisory group to the City Manager regarding selection and hiring of a qualified City Librarian, assist in budget preparation and makes recommendations for the library construction or capital improvements, recommend policy, use and management of the Fiske Free Library according to established state standards, recommend the acceptance of gifts for use in the library and other matters concerning the Fiske Free Library.

11/18/2019 Trustees Meeting - Public Notice

Meeting Minutes

2019 2018 2017 2015 2014 2013 2012
Term: 3 years
Meeting: Third Monday of each month at 5:15 PM in the Sara Gilmore Room
Appointment: By City Council
Makeup: Five regular members and no more than three alternate members, all of whom must be residents of the City (adopted 3/14/2012) 

Fiske Free Library Board of Trustees

Seat 1 Seat 2 Seat 3
George Caccavaro, Jr.
Term Expires: 09/30/2021
Apt: 9/12/2018
Sean Magee
Term Expires: 09/30/2020
Apt: 10/11/2017
Robert Arcand
Term Expires: 09/30/2020 
Apt: 12/13/2017
Seat 4 Seat 5 Seat A-1 (Alternate)
Term Expires: 09/30/2019
Arthur Vidro
Term Expires: 09/30/2022
Apt: 10/9/2019
Cindi Cleveland
Term Expires: 09/30/2022
Apt: 10/9/2019
Seat A-2 (Alternate)
Seat A-3 (Alternate)
City Librarian
Sharon Wood
Term Expires: 09/30/2020 
Apt: 6/13/2018
Spencer Batchelder
Term Expires: 09/30/2021
Michael Grace