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Claremont Community Television Incorporated ("CCTV") is an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit entity.  CCTV provides video production equipment for creating programs to broadcast to the community, and training in the use of this equipment.  CCTV also operates the community access broadcast channels 10 and 8 on Comcast cable television service for Claremont and a web site hosting recordings of programs broadcast on the channels.  The Federal Communications Commission classifies CCTV as a "PEG" cable channel with the mission to aid in the dissemination of local information regarding general public interests along with those of education and government matters while upholding the 1st amendment of the United States Constitution.

The CCTV office, training area/public studio, program library, equipment for use by the public and broadcast system ("Headend") are located at the Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center.  To broadcast live remotely in the city, there are connections at Claremont City Hall, Stevens High School and the Technical School.  At Barnes Park in Claremont, a platform is available for the recording of events.


On June 17, 2017 the City received notice from COMCAST that, pursuant to Section 626 (a) (1) of the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984, the renewal period is now open and they have requested the start of renewal proceedings.  Our current contract with COMCAST expires in January 2020. 
The beginning of the process states that within 6 months of the receipt of the letter (by December 18, 2017) the City will conduct an ascertainment proceeding which affords residents an opportunity to (a) identify the future cable-related needs and (b) review COMCAST’s performance under the current agreement.
The City is seeking input from the citizens of Claremont (both COMCAST users as well as any non-users) who wish to give input on future cable related needs for Claremont as well as how Comcast has performed, access to cable services, customer service, frequency of service breakdowns etc.  It’s an opportunity to give your input. 
The City Council will hold a public hearing on December 13, 2017 during it’s regular council meeting for the purpose of taking citizen’s input.  This public hearing is scheduled for 7:10 pm.  If you want to submit something in writing please forward it prior to the December 13th meeting to the City Manager’s office at 58 Opera House Square, Claremont NH 03743

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Meeting Minutes

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

Term:  Varies by seat
Meeting: Six or more times annually
Appointment: Seats 1 - 4 appointed by Council; Seats 5 - 6 appointed by the School Board; Seats 7 - 9 appointed by Board members in Seats 1 - 6.
Keith Druhl: CCTV Executive Director, Tel: 603-542-1755, datkd@aol.com or ClaremonTV8@gmail.com

CCTV Board of Directors

Seat 1 Seat 2 Seat 3
Allen Damren
City Council Representative
Term Expires 12/31/17
Nick Maynes, Co-Chair
Term Expires 5/31/18
Ronald Landry
Term Expires 5/31/19
Seat 4 Seat 5 Seat 6
Term Expires 5/31/17
Joel Schneid
Term Expires 5/31/18
Pauline Pelletier, Chair
Term Expires 5/31/19
Seat 7 Seat 8 Seat 9
Term Expires 5/31/12
Term Expires 5/31/12
Term Expires 5/31/17