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Board of Assessors

•    3 Regular Members
•    1 Alternate Member
•    City Assessor -permanent, ex-officio non-voting
Members of the City Council shall not sit on the board of assessors.
Members of the board of assessors shall not sit on any other city board.
Appointments: By City Manager
Qualifications: Regular and alternate members shall:
•    have been residents of the city for at least one year at the time of appointment to the board;
•    have education or experience in assessing, finance, real estate sales and/or appraisal, and/or construction;
•    be available to sign documents as required by the city assessor or assessing staff;
•    successfully complete and pass the NH Dept. of Revenue Administration State Statute Course Parts 1 and 2 within the first two years of service on the board
Term: 3 Years
Meeting: As needed
Powers and Duties: The Board of Assessors shall have the power and duties as described in Ch. 2, Art. II, Div. 9 and Ch. 2, Art. III, Div. 8, Sec. 2-262 of the City Ordinance.

6/24/2020 Meeting - Public Notice_Agenda

Meeting Minutes


Board of Assessors Members

Seat 1 Seat 2 Seat 3
Bill Kennedy
Term Expires: 10/2/2020
Term Expires: (2 Years) 
Debbie Freeman, Secretary
Term Expires: 10/2/2022
Seat 4 (Alternate)

City Assessor
Term Expires: (3 Years)

Term with Position