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Airport Advisory Board

Claremont Municipal Airport Construction Policy

Per Ordinance #199, the Airport Advisory Board provides recommendations to the City Manager and City Council regarding airport funding, operation, grants, maintenance, etc.

1/27/2020 Quarterly Meeting - Public Notice

Meeting Minutes

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Appointments: By City Council
Meeting: Quarterly the last Monday of the month (January, April, July and October, effective as of 11/24/08) beginning at 7:00PM at the Airport Junction
Term: Two Years
Makeup: Four Citizen Advisors; City Manager;  Fixed Based Operator; City Council Representative; Staff Advisor (optional)

Advisory Board members

Seat 1 Seat 2 Seat 3
Dale R. Girard
Term Expires 6/30/21
David Eno
Term Expires 6/30/20
Term Expires 6/30/20
Seat 4 City Manager City Council Representative
(Ex-Officio Member)
Stephen Keen
Term Expires 6/30/20
Ed Morris, City Manager
Term: While holding position
Erica Sweetser
Term Expires 12/31/21
Fixed Base Operators Staff Advisor
(Not a member of the Board)

David Carton and Roger Hamel
Term: While holding position
Bryon Burr, Fire Chief