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The Claremont Repertory Theatre Group Announces First Improv Showcase!

January 12, 2019 7:00PM

With young comedic genius Craig Woodbury taking the helm, the Rep has left this first in good hands. Craig Woodbury is known for having people in stitches of laughter with his performance as The Bishop of Hereford in the Reps’ performance of ‘Robin Hood.’ He has also proven to be a leader with stints as the director of the Reps’ performance of ‘Grease,’ and as the current Vice Chair of the Repertory Board.
This evening of improv will be coming to the Claremont Opera House (COH,) Saturday January 12th at 7PM. And in the spirit of COH’s own ‘Cafe 58’ there will be seating provided on the stage itself for a more intimate feel with food and drink available for purchase as well. Admission is first come, first serve at $5 a seat. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness young and intuitive minds be tested and educated on the quick thinking and gut busting humor that improv is all about.  Tickets will be available at the door night of show.
-Raymond Clough.
Disclaimer: Raymond Clough is an active participant in Repertory shows and, at the time of this release, a member of the Repertory Board.

Claremont Opera House Ticket Number 603-542-4433
online at www.claremontoperahouse.org
Ticket Cost:  $5.00, food and drink available for purchase.