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Financial Programs

The State of New Hampshire has established an incentive program for job growth and expansion that may be available to new or expanding businesses in Claremont. The City has designated a large section of River Road, the City Center, and Claremont Airport areas as Economic Revitalization Zones (ERZ). Businesses in those areas may be eligible to apply for ERZ state tax credits depending on eligibility based criteria set by the State.

Financial programs are sometimes available for business development in partnership with banks, federal or state government grants or tax credit programs, the Claremont Development Authority (CDA) and our county finance partner, CRDC, or through the NH Business Finance Authority.

The CDA has a Sign and Facade Loan and a Community Investment Program revolving loan fund for smaller or secondary loans for new or expanding businesses in Claremont. A loan application is filled out and reviewed by the Finance Committee of the CDA for suitability for the program. If it is approved by the Finance Committee, the full board of the CDA will vote on the proposal at their next scheduled meeting.  The Community Investment Program Loan description available here

CRDC will review requests referred by the City for a number of different primary loan programs. In many cases they will partner with the CDA on a financial package for eligible businesses.

Please contact the Planning and Development office for further information or assistance on any of these financial programs.